Team FUBAR is a Scenario Paintball Team from The Netherlands, we play (scenario) paintball throughout Europe.

In addition we started playing magfed as well, so you might find us at Magfed events in Europe.


Team FUBAR has been founded in 2004.

It started as a group of students from Utrecht who wanted to play more as a team rather than individual players just to kick some ass!

As a team we wanted too enter contests, big games and walk-in days.

Soon we found a very powerful combination of speed, accuracy and total madness in which we have made quite a name in the Woods scene.

We have been playing paintball for a long time now. We still have our own bus, a new one actually since 2023, but we have less time to play paintball.

We still very, very much love the sport and will keep playing it whenever we can!

A few highlights of what we do and did:

GoScenario Competition in France

    • 3rd place GoScenario Competition 2008
    • 1st place GoScenario Competition 2009

Unfortunately there is no more GoScenario in France, so we can not defend our title.

Dutch Scenario Competition (NSC)

      • 1st place 2010
      • 1st place 2011
      • 1st place 2012
      • 1st place 2013
      • 2nd place 2014

Unfortunately there also isn’t a Dutch Scenario Competition anymore

Biggames and other events
You’ll find us on various biggames and events throughout Europe:

      • Biggame events at Mahlwinkel in Germany
      • OMG (Only Magfed Games) in the UK and France
      • Various magfed events
      • Some small events